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20 May

Cup of Ukraine, second event - first place again!

Past weekend were second stage of the Cup of Ukraine in 2013. Despite the fact that the last time the event was changed place and the "new" organizers had only three days to prepare the tournament, the quality of the event was not affected. Everything was done as it should be and needs nothing, neither the players nor the team did not have.

According to the schedule tournament was wedged between two European series, which seems logical enough. Those who play on the CPS could most effectively approach the stage of the Cup, and those who participate in the Millennium will be able to use the experience gained in the game on the field.

As for the games, the preliminary were formed for our team in almost identical, compared with the first stage. We only lost one point! Besides drew another remarkable trend - already two steps to a range of all the teams that qualify from our group are the winners in all three divisions! Perhaps it is no coincidence and experience the guys in the game dreams inspires them to further victories!

In the Pro came out all the same, with the exception of Kiev Bears. They really do not feel comfortable on the field with this arrangement bunkers and conducted a number of successful matches are not which did not allow them to take first place even in the category of "Masters". Instead, the Bears in the Pro delegated Scorpions team. It was their first experience of playing in the top but unfortunately, it does not become their most successful - the boys lost both games and finished fourth.

As for the winners, the most interesting from the point of view of the intrigue was to be a semi-final "Hulk" - "Kiev Express". Our opponents are always interesting in terms of match practice. They are one of the few in Ukraine who systematically trains and participates in international tournaments. At the last stage, we met in the finals, in this already at an earlier stage. After the score was 3-0 in our favor, as well as in the first stage, we began to rotate staff, to get match practice for all team members. Sometimes it can be destroyed points, but overall good for the growth of the entire team. As a result, we are 5-2 and in the final, where we were waiting for another Kiev team ZZ Top. Guys traditionally was supported by best player from the 2012 season Alexandr Berdnikov. His visit to Ukraine for the tournament - a delight for all fans of the sport. Play against him - an honor for any athlete! To everyone unfortunately, the opponent could not find his best game, and even within the majority could not realize their advantage. Outcome of the game 5-0 and we win the third tournament of the season without losing a single match!

Thanks to everyone who cares about us and support, especially Oksana for pit support, our coach Alex Prystupov for the patience, captain for the organization and perseverance, Dye - for the best equipment on the planet, Autoradio - for many years of support! Special thanks to Ian Samoilov for the beautiful game and the experience that he enjoys sharing with us :)